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NACWAA Advocacy Initiatives

The NACWAA Advocacy Committee is involved in activities related to advancing opportunities for women in college athletics, including gender equity in employment and certain Title IX initiatives. The committee also assists the association, in partnership with the Board of Directors, in disseminating that information to the membership.

Senior Woman Administrator
Currently the NACWAA Advocacy Committee is assembling feedback regarding the role of the SWA (Senior Woman Administrator). The designation as SWA has recently been the source of confusion for institutions and individuals. Areas of focus include:

  • Do you understand the title and the role of the SWA?
  • Do you think that there should be any changes to the designation?
  • Do you have suggestions on how to strengthen the role of the SWA at the institutional and conference level?

View and read more from the NCAA on the role of the Senior Woman Administrator here.

NCAA Division I Legislation/Working Groups
NACWAA has taken swift action in response to significant reform recommended by the NCAA Division I Presidential Retreat working groups and passed by the NCAA Board of Directors. While NACWAA appreciates the leadership of NCAA President Mark Emmert and the NCAA Board of Directors in recognizing the need for substantive change, great concern arose surrounding recent legislation and specifically, its impact on women's sports.

In October 2011, NACWAA implemented a working group made up of Division I Board of Directors members. Through a series of communication with Dr. Emmert and NCAA working groups, this NACWAA advisory group was able to successfully share its feedback with the appropropriate leadership on behalf of the NACWAA memberships. Recaps of NACWAA working groups action:

December 9, 2011 
November 15, 2011

Additional NCAA updates regarding Division I legislation and implementation can be found at the NACWAA NCAA Updates page.