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Recent/Relevant Cases

Recent Court Cases:

University of Southern California:
A 14-year investigation by the OCR has revealed that The University of Southern California violated Title IX by providing inferior facilities to the women’s rowing team. The 62-member team has had to use an old, inadequate boathouse with exposed walls and a shared bathroom for both athletes and spectators. The OCR has deemed this unacceptable and has ordered the school to renovate the boathouse by January 2014. Read More

Quinnipiac University:
The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Quinnipiac University has discriminated against female students by overstating the athletic opportunities available to them. The court affirmed that competitive cheerleading did not provide the same kind of opportunities as a varsity sport would. Read More

Xavier University:
Following 3 reports of sexual assault on Xavier University’s campus in recent years, the OCR resolved that the University must start training and reporting programs to protect the victims of sexual assault. Read More

Merrimack College:
Following a gender-discrimination complaint, Merrimack College has agreed to create 6 women’s teams to meet Title IX compliance. The new teams will open up 80 new athletic opportunities for women at the college. Read More

Towson University:
The task force reviewing Towson Athletic Director Mike Waddell’s recommendation to cut baseball and men’s soccer has delayed its findings because Title IX compliance may not be an issue, as was previously believed. The opportunities on the women’s track teams were miscounted, and the new findings must be factored in to the task force’s ultimate decision. Read More

Penn State:
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has made the recent decision to file a lawsuit against the NCAA in an attempt to upend its sanctions against Penn State. The lawsuit, which claims that the NCAA stepped out of its bounds by delivering such a harsh punishment, is receiving public questioning from those wonder why Corbett didn’t object to the sanctions from the outset. Read More


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