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Foundation Fund

The Foundation Fund of the National Association of Collegiate Women Athletic Administrators is an extension of the NACWAA organization in which individuals and corporations make financial contributions to NACWAA through donations of cash, stocks, charitable gifts or life insurance. The Foundation Fund is the official fundraising arm of NACWAA for the purpose of soliciting tax-deductible contributions. The Board of Directors establishes the criteria for use and distribution of funds, and application and selection of the recipients.

Financial contributions to the Foundation Fund are used to support and enhance educational programs, including NCAA/NACWAA Institutes for Administrative Advancement and other professional development opportunities for women in intercollegiate athletics administration.

 The intent of the NACWAA Foundation Fund is to distribute annually an amount less than the investment return, thus growing the base corpus. The base corpus must reach $100,000 prior to the distribution of funds. Support NACWAA now!