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Customize Your NACWAA Member Experience

By selecting one of the categories below, we can provide a customized NACWAA experience to best fit your career development and leadership needs. And as you career needs and preferences change, you can always login in and update your category selection at any time.


For current college undergraduates, graduates and PhD students and interns who are interested in and/or seeking careers in intercollegiate athletics. This is the time to demonstrate your commitment in the classroom, network with professionals and apply for jobs and internships.

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For emerging professionals with 1-5 years of full-time experience. You’ve got your foot in the door, now it’s time to grow and gain valuable experience. Build your brand, connect with fellow industry professionals, find a mentor and develop a wide variety of skills to help you along in your career path.

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For mid-level professionals with 5-15 years of experience. You’ve honed your skills, found your professional zone of genius and established your "it" factor. As part of the next generation of executive leaders, you’re constantly learning and networking to keep that momentum going.

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For executive-level professionals with 15+ years of experience. You’re at the top of your game and want to connect and collaborate with other game-changers and high achievers. With your experience and savvy, you’re poised to mentor mid-career professionals (lift as you rise), hire and champion women and leave a legacy.

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