Our Purpose

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We champion women leaders.

Our Vision
The National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators (NACWAA) is the premier leadership organization that empowers, develops, assists, celebrates, affirms, involves and honors women working in college sports and beyond. NACWAA takes a pro-active role in advancing women into positions of influence and powerfully shapes the landscape of women leaders.

Our Mission
NACWAA is the premier leadership organization dedicated to empowering, developing and advancing the success of women.

We achieve our mission through the following strategic objectives:

  1. NACWAA offers educational programs, networking and mentoring experiences, resources and professional and personal development opportunities to its members.
  2. NACWAA promotes the growth, leadership, success, and advancement of women as athletics administrators, professional staff, coaches and student-athletes. 
  3. NACWAA provides a forum to facilitate discussion among its members on a myriad of topics pertaining to women in intercollegiate athletics.
  4. NACWAA is committed to taking a leadership role by advocating on behalf of the membership on pertinent National issues.

Our Values
NACWAA is guided by the following values:

  • Excellence…we strive to be the best professional organization for women’s athletics by pursuing excellence in every facet of the organization
  • Leadership…we are devoted to developing the leaders of tomorrow while guiding and supporting our membership on national issues
  • Diversity…we embrace women of every race, color, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, age and ability
  • Equity…we believe in equal opportunity for women in all areas and that equality for women in athletics is imperative
  • Education…we are committed to contributing to our members professional development through mentoring, networking and educational programming
  • Advocacy…we support the advancement of women in athletics and take responsibility for advancing pertinent issues for women at all levels
  • Empowerment…we strive to provide women with the tools and the support to be successful in their professional and personal lives
  • Commitment…we remain steadfast in our efforts to nurture our membership and serve their professional development needs at the highest possible level

2015 NACWAA Annual Report
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