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NACWAA thrives on the support of its members to successfully empower, develop and advance women in intercollegiate athletics. Members who give up their valuable time and diverse talents as committee volunteers are an integral part of NACWAA.

Applications for 2017 NACWAA Committees are due December 9! Learn more about our committees:

In addition to the committees listed above, the following active committees are comprised of Board of Directors Members only: Bylaws and Policies & Procedures, Finance, Investment and Personnel. NACWAA members are also elected and appointed the following committees annually:


  1. NACWAA members can serve one-year terms on a NACWAA committee.
  2. Each committee member is responsible for participating in committee conference calls and is only allowed two absences from calls before dismissal from the committee.
  3. Committees will typically be made up of 7-10 current NACWAA members.
  4. In order to have a quorum and vote on issues, each committee needs 7 out of 10 members present.
  5. The committee chair will decide frequency of committee conference calls.